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More Choices

With CheapFlightClub Premium, our members are able to select what airports they would like to receive deals from. We offer 236 airports located in the United States and Canada, varying from the busiest airport in the world to smaller airports that are located in much less popular areas. Our team has handpicked all of the airports we search from and our team searches each airport on the list every day to make sure that we find as many deals as possible from the airports!

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As a CheapFlightClub Premium member, you will receive all the deals we send out to the departure airports you choose. This is up to 6x more deals than free members. Not only will you get more flight deals, but the emails will also be much more relevant because they are only from the airports you have chosen to fly from. Premium members are also occasionally sent deals on business and first class flights.

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By switching to CheapFlightClub Premium for less than the cost of a couple of coffees from your favorite coffee shop per month, you will get to experience even greater savings. You will receive all of our best fares from your selected airports, including business and first class flight deals, as well as mistake fares. For less than $3.50 per month, you can save $100s on flights so that you can Experience the World - Cheaply.